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One World One Vision is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of committed individuals dedicated to reducing vision loss resulting from ocular misalignment (strabismus). Its outreach is global with emphasis on developing countries whose affected citizens, many of whom are children, have little or no access to effective care.


One World One Vision works with governments and non-governmental agencies. It provides highly trained surgeons and support personnel to not only treat patients but also educate and train local doctors and health care givers in the identification and management of individuals with strabismus. We also provide training in pediatric anesthesia to ensure a safe and effective operating room environment.


Over one decade ago, while, on a surgical mission to Belize, Central America, we founded One World One Vision in order to add the education of local Ophthalmologists to our surgical missions. We added anesthesiologists and intensivists to teach local colleagues on newer techniques in order to make our patient’s surgical experience safer.  Since then, we have traveled to four continents and several countries and have demonstrated that our ambition can be successfully implemented. 


Recently, we realized that the one surgeon-one patient-one student paradigm, while helpful, cannot begin to address the need. We decided to encourage and support a video course in the many aspects of strabismus and amblyopia which seriously afflicts tens of millions of children and adults.  We have been aided in this endeavor by the financial support of many of our former patients and friends. We intend that the video course will be translated into major languages and distributed to providers of ophthalmic care, free of charge, around the world.  We recruited Dr. Burton Kushner to develop a curriculum, and recruit worldwide experts, in various aspects of strabismus and are delighted that Dr. Kushner has accepted that challenge.  The video course has been produced and will be ready for  distribution to every eye surgeon in the world, translated into several languages, free of cost,  in mid, 2024.

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